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Important info !

We need your help! Please make sure to mark us as NOT SPAM with your email service providers, so that we can maintain a positive reputation with the email gods. This will help insure our emails get through to you 🙂 Since launch, I have already seen many of you that I recognize and I […]

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Fixes and features

UPDATE!! Here is our latest list of fixes and features: You can no longer use Alliance message to message non-alliance players Ships screen no longer gives away name of unscouted planet Removing UI validation for ore converters no longer allows the storing of negative values Problem resolved with import export to explode/implode ore converters Ship […]

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Veteran Arena Ends!

Hey peeps The Underdogs have obtained more than 70% of the arena’s population, The top 3 players of this alliance will be rewarded with a promotion on the portal. Congrats to all players, it was great to see people working together again.  If you guys haven’t noticed already I have refreshed the news with the latest […]

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1st Spring Carnage

For those of you that may not have played a Carnage arena before, let me tell you a little about them. You start with: 200 size 75 planets ID (interdimensional) tech. 9,999,999 credits Buildings through Luna Shipyard built The Carnage is a ‘straight to war’ arena, bypassing the settling stage and allowing you to battle […]

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Latest News from Ferion

Server migration – down time

Due to unforeseen circumstances we need to change to new servers. The server migration can take up to 48 hours depending on where you are in the world and because of this All arenas will be paused from Midnight Sunday 27th May 2018 – until Midnight Wednesday 30th May 2018 (GMT) Arenas will continue over […]

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Ferion 4 Launch

Welcome to the latest version of Ferion, one of the oldest space war strategy games on the web. There are new features including BattleGroups, redesigned draggable maps with full point and click features, and Fast Play arenas designed for intense, rapid play with smaller number of Empires. We suggest you start by checking out your […]

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April Update!!

Here is the current list of recent April fixes: Session Timeout issues resolved Resolved fatal ore errors Old news messages now show correctly Confirmation notifications fixed Bookmark display issues fixed Apply to all planets – issues resolved Destroy ship queued – fixed Reputation – improved Glory Calculation – improved Ore conversion – issues resolved Shipyard […]

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Bug Zapping!

Hello peeps, Here is our new list of recent fixes: Select Action – echo issue resolved Build Queue – population fill error, fixed Standing Orders – Obsolete orders will now clear automatically Trading – loading issues repaired Type 1 converter – Rogue behaviour corrected Scanning – Empire just met now shows on scanning page and […]

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