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Starts: 11:00 25/9

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Great News!!!

I am delighted to tell you that, we now have another 2 programmers on the team and we are very hopeful to have another joining us in the next couple of weeks. This will bring our programming team to 4. As you know Fed has been working tirelessly for 2 years alone on this programming […]

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News update

Hey peeps, Just to let you know that we are still here and are working on solutions to get us moving again. The good news is we have 3 likely candidates one of them a very well-known and respected member of Ferion and actually was part of the original development. It is our hope that […]

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New Moderator

Andrew Davis – @bovis Please join us in welcoming Bovis to the crew as our newest moderator. Bovis like many of you has a long history with Ferion from way back in the early 2000’s. He has always been a trusted friend and an all round sensible guy with a crazy sense of humour and a vast thirst and […]

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Latest News from Ferion

Freaky Freebie FFA

Hey peeps, Freaky Freebie is the new FFA arena which is due to start Saturday 16th September, this arena is currently in sign up mode and brings you a regular arena with a twist. 2 starting positions, extra dosh and not 5 or 6 but 7 planets per system!! We have also reduced the distance […]

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Hey Peeps, There is a new Vet arena due to start on Saturday 12th August @ 17:oo . Sign up now, the more the merrier.

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Communications Down

Greetings Empires Of Ferion. I bring troublesome news. The Empire of Khan tried to blow up Ferions entire communication network and successfully destroyed several rather large satellite and scanning stations along with several outposts. We wish to send ”Sincere Condolences’ to all loved ones lost in the senseless attacks. Unfortunately ,the engineers tell me that […]

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April update

Welcome to the April update & our crusade for the last bug hunt Hey Peeps, It’s been a while since our last update and the crew has been super busy, working hard, to get the final glitches and bugs wrapped up and the site’s general maintenance improved.  Along with  other features yet to be added we […]

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Ferion progress update

I would like to apologise to you all for the last month, which has been pretty crazy around here and alas I was getting nowhere fast, every hurdle overcome revealing another, larger one. After many painstaking days, this problem, which was causing us to be unable to get any emails out to attempt to start […]

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